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I see you and hear you in a world that doesn’t. The most painful part about invisibility is that you slowly believe that you deserve to be unseen and that your pain doesn’t matter. Particularly as black women, the “strong black woman” trope becomes our sole identity which prevents us from acknowledging our pain, traumas, and fears. While working together, we will create a safe place for us to uncover and work through the not so easy topics.
I am a seasoned clinician with 4 years of mental health experience working with adults and older adults and I will help you recognize the power and strength within yourself and helping you show up as your best self within various areas of your life.
When you are a strong woman, everyone assumes that you don’t need help but know that there is power in reaching out. If your spirit moves you to reach out to me, please know that the journey to healing will not be easy but it will surely be one of the most rewarding voyages you could embark upon.

** I am pre-licensed therapist who is supervised by Laurie Phuong Ertley, LMFT #85042**

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