The one place we all deserve to feel safe in is within ourselves. So many things disrupt that safety - childhood wounds, attachment issues, relational conflict, trauma and more. With each wound, a piece of solace is scraped from our being. For many of us, these experiences have left us feeling “stuck” inside ourselves, trapped, and we can’t get out, when what we desire is our “being” to be a place we love and feel safe in. How we show up in the world - the decisions we make, the trust we have in ourselves, how we navigate relationships, and even the courage we gather to heal- is a direct reflection of how safe we feel.

Release to Peace was founded out of a sheer desire to create a safe, non-judgmental space where women can begin (or continue) to get to the root of some of their issues, uncovering thoughts and beliefs that have reinforced wounds and hindered them from showing up as their healthiest, authentic selves. Peace and a healthier sense of self is the goal here.

A counseling journey can evoke many emotions - excitement, nervousness, anxiety, peace. Bring ALL of it. It’s welcomed here. Only when we feel safe enough to bring everything to the table, can we truly release the extra weight we’ve been carrying and begin to not only live, but THRIVE as the wonders we’ve been designed to be in this world.

Let's journey.

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