Helping individuals to heal and re-discover themselves in order to show up fully, authentically, and walk in purpose with joy.

Pearls are a product of pain. When a foreign substance enters the oyster, the oyster's cells begin working to cover the foreign substance to protect its defenseless body, and as a result, a beautiful pearl is formed. Nwabu Healing Services helps clients re-discover the power and tools within themselves to become an agent in their own healing to transform their trauma, wounds, depression, and anxiety into pearls of life.

You are emphatically the expert in your own life. My purpose in it, is to reflect your journey back to you, so that you’re able to understand it in a different way. I am here to hold space, for you to authentically experience your emotions, while working your way through, to transformation. I operate as a mirror, whose function is to show you what is possible, within yourself, and provide a safe place for you to take the risk of growing.

My approach to working with clients is holistic. Together, we will explore aspects of the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical being; while unearthing unknown attributes, peeling back layers, and removing blockages. Through the exploration of your environment, family, culture, values, and customs, that cement your foundation, we will “do the work” of creating a blueprint for the life you desire, and create actionable steps towards building it.

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