While I’ve worked with clients from all different kinds of communities, I’m particularly passionate about supporting people who are working through sexual shame, navigating ethical non-monogamy, and those who identify as queer/BIPOC. I focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a strengths-based and healing focus & Narrative Therapy.

My desire is for you to feel empowered to be your authentic self and transform your relationship with sex and sexuality into a positive one. Cultivating a relationship built on trust with the people I collaborate with is something I value deeply. Having the ability to trust your therapist allows you to bring more of your true self to the table, which directly affects the quality of the work we’ll do together. I’ll work with you to build a mutual and trusting relationship, because a therapeutic relationship models relationships out in the world.

I was raised in a conservative Christian environment where sex, sexuality, and gender were defined by my religion. This in turn created internalized feelings of shame about who I was. Since then, I’ve done a lot of educating and relearning to shape my identity into who I am today. As a black, brown, and queer woman, my identities inform my work and the way I show up for my clients and community.

Generally, my style of work is a mixture of collaborating with clients, while also challenging them to dig deeper. But above all, I approach my clients with gentleness, compassion, and I will always keep our focus on healing.

If you're feeling ready to get started, I offer a free phone consultation to ensure we're a good fit. I'm excited to support you!

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