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You may have wondered why therapy doesn’t always seem like it’s meant for everyone and only fits a specific demographic. Therapy services catered to the experiences of Black women, are often limited. I am here to ensure you that if you have been struggling with past trauma, anxiety, depression, or mood instability, that beginning therapy may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. If you’ve been considering therapy and don’t know where to start, let’s work together in creating what you envision for your life.

I strongly believe that representation matters and equitable mental health is necessary. I advocate for accessible and equitable mental health for people of color and incorporate this into my practice. “One size fits all” therapy is not for me, or for you! I ensure that my therapy approach is created for clients based on their individual experiences and needs.

The way we move through the world has a lot to do with who we are and who were evolving to be. Our past experiences, often contribute into our decision making, more than we realize. When we live with unhealed trauma, our behaviors often display anger, depression, low confidence, isolation, and attention seeking behavior. Let me work with you in breaking down these barriers, into finding positive ways to begin healing trauma, build relationships, and celebrate self worth.

I work with my clients at their pace to discover challenges, explore various origins/triggers at a comfortable pace, and assist them in creating tools to evolve those behaviors into healthy relationships and self confidence. I strongly believe in creating safe spaces where vulnerability is not only respected but acknowledged. I aim to help you discover all of the wonderful pieces of who you are while evolving into the person you want to be. I am currently accepting adults and adolescents in areas surrounding trauma, parenting, depression, and anxiety treatment for families. I currently provide individual, family, and group based therapy.

With years of experience in trauma informed therapy and resources, let’s work together to transition from hurtful pasts into a future of healing.

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