“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde

Hiya! I am Noah-Christina (she/her/hers), a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor. I am a Black, cisgender, heterosexual therapist who practices cultural responsiveness and humility in the therapy space. I approach my clients with curiosity, make no assumptions, and honor each individual’s lived experience. It is my philosophy to empower individuals so that they may further empower themselves and others in the face of adversity, creating a sense of community and global healing.

Sometimes we feel stuck, ruminating about the past or anticipating an unpredictable future. It can become difficult to live intentionally in here and the now. Therapy with me offers a safe space to slow down, tolerate, and embrace the present moment. My specialties include issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, occupational- and goal-striving stress, life transitions, and identity development. My purpose is to serve BIPOC folx, Black women, and queer folx of color.

I understand that just because two clients have the same identity presentation; their lived experience with gendered racism and other traumas can be very different. For example, I am an African American woman, and I am a lighter-skinned Black woman. I was raised on the Southeast side of Chicago, grew up as an inner-city kid, and I come from a two-parent household. Additionally, I attended predominantly white institutions (PWIs) and found myself emotionally taxed by some of my white counterparts who did not understand my experience. It is the intersection of all of my identities and their relation to systems of oppression and/or privilege that contributes to my lived experiences. Therefore, I understand firsthand the importance of acknowledging how we experience the world, how the world may perceive us and how this impacts the way we think, feel, and behave. With this awareness, I invite conversations about intersectional identity into the therapy room with my clients, which lead to a deeper and more fulfilling therapeutic relationship on their path of healing.

My goal is to decolonize and destigmatize mental health by dismantling power dynamics and opening the floor to voices that are often silenced or may fall upon deaf ears. Our commitment to rest and rejuvenation, care for self and community, and untying the connections between self-worth and labor production are acts of resistance. In my work with clients, I offer a space to honor their authentic voice. You will not have to filter and censor your true thoughts and emotions in our sessions, as you may have previously in other settings. Come as you are, and I will meet you there.

In our space, I will normalize and validate the idea that healing is not linear. It is a process that allows you to move at your own pace, and even take a step back if necessary. I approach counseling with a psychodynamic foundation and integrate narrative therapy to assist my clients in assigning a more helpful meaning to their internalized stories. We are made to feel that adversity is the most prominent part of our story, yet we encompass many additional and remarkable parts such as our strengths, resiliencies, and pleasures. I will help you honor and acknowledge all of these parts on your path to healing.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” -Aristotle

Additionally, I believe it’s important for us to observe all domains of life (e.g., physical and mental health, spirituality, interpersonal and life stressors). When one area is suffering, other areas can be important to highlight. My therapeutic approach is client-centered, putting you at the focus of our journey. I create a space that is genuine, authentic, and non-judgmental. With this humanistic approach, I believe it is quintessential to bring empathetic collaboration into the therapeutic setting. In our space, we will work alongside one another; you are the captain of our ship, and I am simply the sail that guides us through rocky waters to safety and peace at shore.

Outside the therapeutic space, I focus my time on social justice advocacy and self-care. You might catch me on the frontlines or behind the scenes supporting various human rights movements and promoting community wellness. I also like to paint, read by the lake, cook, taste different soups, and cuddle up with Mylo and Lynk, my two adopted cats.

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