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I believe that everything you need to heal and feel your best inside and out is already within you.

It is easy to get lost in post-colonial society, to be distanced from our truth and detached from our life purpose. I am here to support you in remembering your truth, accessing the wisdom that is already within, and living into your soul’s purpose, which is your birthright.

I love helping self-identified women of the African Diaspora and self-identified women of the Global Majority in particular, evolve and live the lives they’ve been waiting for.

My practice is rooted in embodied social justice and I specialize in trauma, particularly:
*Intergenerational trauma
*Developmental trauma (attachment)
*Relational trauma
*Sexual abuse and assault
*Systemic and collective trauma
*The ongoing impacts of trauma, such as:
-Feelings of being lost or aimless
-Struggles or dissatisfaction with relationships
-Lacking a sense of purpose, community, or belonging

We always work at your pace, in alignment with your sense of readiness. Before jumping into any trauma work I take the time to support you in accessing your internal resources, intuition, and ancestral intelligence that you’ve inherited from those that walked here before you. I support you in learning to listen to the messages your body holds and developing a loving relationship with yourself and others. I know in my heart that this work, is my soul’s purpose, my dharma, and I am honored to create a space that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin, so that you may heal and evolve.

I use a holistic and integrative approach. My practice is psychosomatic and spiritual in nature. This means that in addition to addressing the psyche, my approach is body-centered. We hold our histories, our trans-generational wounds and wisdom, our internal resources, our traumas, our resiliency, and our lived experiences of all kinds within our bodies. It is also through connection to the body that we tap into our healing intuition, our True Nature and our deep sense of interconnectedness. It is necessary to access our whole selves, mind, body, heart and soul to gain a healthy sense of self, a sense of worth, and a sense of empowerment.

In session, a body-centered approach may look like this: when talking about a concern or pain, noticing what is happening within your body, getting curious about any messages the body is holding based on the physical sensations you feel, and moving your body the way that part of you needs to move. The body is the vehicle through which we can metabolize trauma from our systems and feel freedom within and without.

Some of the psychotherapeutic approaches in which I’ve received intensive training and which we may use include:
*Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
*Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
*Attachment Theory
*Attachment-Focused EMDR
*IFS-Informed EMDR
*The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method
*Psychosomatic Methodology
*Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

To learn more about my practice and approach, or to schedule a free consultation please visit: traumaconsciousyoga.com/psychotherapy

May you feel peaceful, may you feel loved, may you feel that your voice matters, may you experience a deep-felt sense of belongingness, may you tap into your gifts and share them with the world.

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