Do you find yourself thinking about the fights you've had with your loved ones? Conflicts, either with family, friends or partners has an impact on how you relate with other people. During personal conflict, the rush of emotions may cause you immediate shut down, exposure to vulnerabilities or damaging behaviors from unresolved past trauma. Conflict, unfortunately is inevitable in any relationship but you can have the skills to solve them every time.
During our therapeutic relationship you will identify what best suits you in resolving your challenges. You will be heard, understood and empowered to make the best choices. We will be able to explore what is holding you back, in order to have a more fulfilled life. You will understand how to identify what you need in order to feel secure and satisfied.
My journey as a Licensed Professional Counselor is to provide guidance and support to those discouraged to continue their path alone. I will provide you with strategies to gain resilience and perseverance. Don’t waste time second guessing your therapeutic journey. Call or email to schedule a session today. Lastly, congrats on putting yourself first!

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