Do you find yourself always thinking something negative? Are you your biggest critic instead of being kind, encouraging and uplifting? Are you unaware of self-intimacy meaning you lack insight regarding your own feelings and needs? Do your unhealthy relationships resemble others in your family? Do you struggle with establishing and managing healthy boundaries and struggle with saying the word NO? Do you find your relationships to be difficult and full of unresolved drama? Are you unsatisfied with the intimacy and connection in your relationships? Are you happy with your relationships, the one with yourself first and then with others?

We have all experienced some of the above, some of us, maybe all of the above. We all have “stuff”. Our power comes from knowing that we are worth healing that “stuff” and that healing is possible. We don’t have to continue or end how we began. We first heal from choosing ourselves. Giving ourselves grace, understanding and forgiveness which also allows us to do so in a healthy way with others that we are in relationship with. Once we are good, our relationships and roles we are in benefit. I understand how difficult it is to interrupt unhealthy patterns that we feel like we’ve always had but I assure you, it is possible. It is these unhealthy patterns formed during life experience that causes issues with our relationships including how we treat ourselves. You are not alone in experiencing these issues and I can assist you and your partner if applicable with gaining the tools to interrupt these patterns and create and maintain intimate connections starting with the most important one, yourself. I’ve assisted several individuals and couples to live their best life and I commit to doing the same for you! Call me so we can discuss how I can assist you.

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