Take a breath. I am proud you are making the necessary steps to pour back into yourself. I know this search can be tedious and I want to acknowledge that. Hopefully, your search is over.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and you don’t know how to manage. The demands keep coming, the stress keeps intensifying, the thoughts race faster, your breath speeds up and before you know it, you’re in a pool of tears, yet again. The key to managing what life brings is learning how to access your toolbox. And that is exactly what we will do together- process, explore, build and manage your toolbox. I use an integrated approach of traditional counseling modalities in conjunction with Spiritual practices to help my clients access the knowledge that is already inside of them.I implement talk therapy, thoughts and behavior connections, mindfulness, visualization and/or meditative techniques throughout my sessions. We are not just our thoughts and emotions nor are we just a being on a Spiritual journey - we are both collectively. In short, I exist at the intersectionality of counseling and spirituality.

I can help with:
Career issues
Interpersonal Issues
Coupling and Uncoupling
Stress and Mood Management
Connecting with one's purpose
Identifying Higher self
Uncovering your divinity

I specialize with those in the helping profession such as therapists, healers, clergy, 911 operators, ambulance workers, teachers, holistic treatment practitioners, medical professionals and those who identify as women.

“Is therapy worth it? Should you give it another try?” Absolutely! How are you going to pour into others if you’re empty yourself.

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