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I’m Nikalette “Niki” Briscoe, the Licensed Therapist that teens and students trust to help them identify and work through uncomfortable emotions, navigate the stressors of middle/high school and college and do the inner work to support a positive journey to independence.

Adolescence is a sensitive, monumental and transitional phase full of wonder, exploration and emotions. I believe that this beautiful phase of life must be navigated with non-judgment, insight, understanding and support. I believe that life is a mixture of joy and pain, and these experiences are here to teach us meaningful lessons to help generate growth.

I offer a non judgment zone and positive skill building and behavioral change approach to support teens and students with letting go of unhelpful habits, improving their sense of happiness and developing into their authentic selves. Together we can create a safe space to help you improve your self confidence, be true to yourself and live well.

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