"Living life to the fullest, instead of just existing in life"! I am here to help you. Stressful life events can be hard to deal with by yourself. But it can be handled better with the help of a good support system. As a licensed professional counselor, I am here to guide and support you to be able to live life instead of just existing in it. I have experience helping clients develop the skills to manage stress, anxiety, life transitions and trauma. Through us working together, I can support an increase of your self-awareness of self and life. So you can truly begin to live your life the way you want.

My therapeutic process stems from a compassionate and empathetic viewpoint. Counseling is a collaborative effort and we will work together to come up with ways to cope that best suits you. I believe that ones healing journey is being able to have a connection to the mind, body and soul. And nourishing those aspects of yourself to the fullest. I also believe that there are multiple forms of healing and that is also why I am a certified yoga teacher, providing private yoga sessions that are tailored to help one's mental, emotional and physical needs.

Everybody should be able to have peace of mind in their life. But peace of mind can be hard to achieve when life can sometimes be full of twists and turns. I am here to add to your support system and help guide you to get to what your "peace of mind" looks like to you!

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