Despite your many achievements do you often feel like an imposter?  Have you created a life for yourself that now feels inauthentic or lacking? Is the pressure of being and doing everything perfectly leading to constant indecisiveness, missed opportunities, high-anxiety, and exhaustion? Or are you simply tired of fear and self-doubt hijacking your dreams and taking over your relationships? 

If any of these questions feel a little familiar, you've come to the right gal!

Why? Because even the strongest women need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s challenges.  Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, or any other issue that is keeping you from living a more fulfilling life, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. The obstacles you want to overcome, the life you dream of living and the goals you want to achieve are all possible through the safe space of IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL counseling with me.  But the first step begins with a call...

My Counseling Specialties Include:
- Disordered Eating
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Negative/poor Self-evaluation
- Difficult life transitions due to motherhood, marital separation & divorce, etc
- Goal Manifestation
- Faith & Spirituality

Services Offered:
- Counseling (California only)

Practice Details