I believe therapy is a collaborative and healing journey. I do not believe in the “one size fits all” philosophy of therapy. Therapy is personal and should be reflective in the treatments used during your time in session. In therapy the client is the driver, and I am a passenger. The client is in control of the process and I as the counselor can be a guide and offer feedback, but ultimately, the client makes the final decision. The client and I create a goal plan and address their specific concerns. I strive to empower clients, so they leave the process more confident and successful. I believe it is crucial to consider the mind, body, and spirit, on this therapeutic growth process. I also work hard at making the client feel understood through active listening, reflection of feeling, and accurate empathic understanding. It is important that the client-therapist relationship is strong and healthy. My hope is the client can implement what they have learned in session in their real life. Successful therapy incorporates deep and abiding respect for the client’s uniqueness, integrated with heartfelt emotional and psychological presence, and the proficiency of a wide range of therapeutic skills on the part of the therapist.

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