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Are evolving and no longer resonating with the grind and hustle culture we’ve been accustomed to?

Do you feel like your life choices make you stuck and stagnant, and you haven’t been experiencing any benefits which can feel debilitating at times.

Do you want to feel connected with yourself no matter what? Do you want to experience epic confidence and express magnetic beauty around men? Do you want to feel free to be authentically safe around men?

Hello, my name is Nia Ridgle and I support individuals from any faith-based background. My style of practice incorporates tangible coping skills and goals to create balance throughout your spiritual, personal and professional life. Together, we can identify obstacles that block your personal and professional growth. In addition to traditional cognitive therapy techniques, I incorporate faith-based therapeutic methods for clients who specifically struggle with spiritual warfare and aligning within the will of their high power, in addition to transitioning to a higher spiritual calling.

Why I am passionate about restorative healing:

Why I am passionate bout this particular Black woman:

I used be her until, I got my own mental health services. For years I struggled with depression but then embarked on a self-love journey to find the tools to lead a better lifestyle through professional help. I embraced that opportunity and began to use what I had learned to help others overcome their unhealthy habits.

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