I specialize in helping women who prioritize everyone's needs over their own, women who are juggling multiple roles and give unto others until there's nothing left to give themselves. Women who are often called upon to problem-solve and find solutions for those around them. On the outside, it looks as if you can handle it all but silently, you’re struggling. The feelings of sadness and anxiety have left you doubting your self-worth and ability. You’ve lost yourself along the way and no longer recognize the person you’ve become.
I create a safe space to unpack your worries. I use my personal and professional experience to help you shed your Superwoman status and learn how to prioritize your needs. I walk with you as you become comfortable in setting boundaries and improving your self-esteem. Together we develop a self-care plan that helps you heal and learn how to love yourself.

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    Daytona Beach
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    Online Only
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    Evening (after 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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