Sometimes life may challenge you in ways that are confusing, overwhelming, unexpected, unfair, or painful. There are times when we all need support and guidance to move toward a path to decrease suffering. If you have experienced a traumatic or stressful situation, I can support you on your journey to healing and clarity. If you are struggling with sexual, cultural or spiritual identity concerns, I can partner with you to explore your pain, questions, values and doubts without judgement. I also work to uncover and remind you of your strengths and use them to cultivate a renewed sense of hope and life purpose.

I work to help support individuals in untangling the complexities of the mind, traumatic experiences and daily stressors of human life. It is my goal to partner with clients to move toward increasing personal and body awareness, developing productive ways of thinking and moving toward positive social adjustment and healing.
I promote and support the worth, dignity, potential, culture, beliefs, and uniqueness of each individual in the treatment process. I utilize client-centered therapy, CBT, mindfulness, and relaxation training to help clients reduce intra-personal turmoil and journey toward healthy and individualized goals.

Virtual services available for Illinois residence only. Visit the website or send an email to schedule your first appointment.

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