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Being a strong black woman is cool, but sometimes being strong can take a toll on our mental health. It's okay to take off the super woman cape.

When you start to feel like your quality of life is suffering, this could be a sign that speaking to a therapist may be a good idea.

Please note as I currently have a waitlist for start date July 2023.

Please click Copy this link https://calendly.com/mind2mendtherapy-center to schedule a phone consultation. If no slots are open my waitlist is full at this time.

I commend you for the courage and strength it takes to get help. I use a unique variety of clinical skills tailored to you and your situation. My perspective is simple: provide great treatment, follow through on all of my commitments.

You are not alone. I care about your mental health and well-being.
I offer phone or online-therapy plus I offer a sliding scale fee rates.
We are in this together!

Yes, I am a therapist, with over 15 years experience, but I've also been married for 27 years a mother to three beautiful adult daughters (#girl mom). I am also a sister, aunt, niece, friend, cousin, and Founder and business owner of Mind2Mend Therapy Center.

Managing multiple life roles may be a potential problem for everyone at some point in life. My professional and academic experiences qualifies me to support your mental health needs with my clinical skills and my personal experiences in my life helps me to identify and understand the population I serve.

My clients appreciate my sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and the safe space I provide to process past hurts, or just explore new possibilities.

-Individual Therapy- (depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, co-parenting, mother/father wounds, relationship issues, racial trauma, recent break-up/divorce, college students, military, veterans, active duty and spouses, single mom's and working mom's, health issues such as PCOS, STD’s, chronic health issues and yes also Empty Nestor’s and even pre/menopause issues). NO JUDEGMENT ZONE. I meet you where your at.

-Pre-martial and Marriage Counseling

-Black Teen Girls Group (self esteem, school issues, learning disabilities, phase of life entering college, athletics, friendship, problems, bullying, social media).

I have been working in this field for over 15 years and my professional and personal experiences shapes the type of therapist I have become. I am passionate providing a safe space for black women and most importantly helping mother's and daughter's maintain healthy relationships.

​With insight, planning, and organizing life roles it is possible to put life roles in perspective.

Please give me a call and let's chat and see if I can be a good fit for you or point you in the right direction with another therapist.
Seeking counseling services can often be a hard decision.

I will work with you on issues you want to address. If you are struggling with personal relationships I see both individuals, families and couples with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, premarital, social justice and career guidance.

I believe in an empathetic, collaborative approach to therapy, one which is accepting and provides a safe environment for self-exploration.

The work that is actually done depends on your needs and desires. I consider it to be a privilege to be invited into my clients lives to help them heal, change and find solutions to discover what works for you.

Please click this https://calendly.com/mind2mendtherapy-center to schedule a phone consultation. Or feel free to email me if you have any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Call: (619) 391-9145
Email: inquiry@mind2mend.com
Best Regards,
NaTasha Bailey, LMFT

Mind2Mend therapy center provides an array of, Individual and Family Therapy Services for adolescents to older adults.

Acute and Chronic Illness (COVID)
Anger Management
Behavioral Issues
Career Counseling
Goal Manifestation
Coping Skills
Family Conflict
Self Esteem
Faith & Spirituality
Grief and Loss
Peer Relationships
Phase Of Life Issues

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