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Picture This. As a child, you grew up in a home where one of your parents worked hard day in and day out and your other parent was strung out on drugs and was barely ever home. Your responsible parent did the best they could, but didn’t show their feelings and you all struggled to make ends meet. You were molested by multiple people, including a few family members, but you held that in and carried it with you, not telling a soul. You went to school each day, made good grades, but “disrupted class” a lot, or at least that’s what your teachers said every time they wrote you up and sent you to the principal’s office. You also got picked on a lot because of your clothes and hair. Your extended family supposedly loves each other but they are constantly fussing, “cussing” each other out, and criticizing each other. Fast forward to now as an adult and you’ve made it! You went back to school, are a first generation college graduate, and have a great job. Many people applaud you and some say it is a miracle that you are so accomplished. You rarely stop to enjoy your accomplishments. Instead, you keep striving for more, for better. Yet, you feel empty inside. You work hard every single day, giving so much of yourself to your job but are unappreciated. You feel like the hamster on a wheel, exasperated as you try to please your boss. And worst of all, you can’t seem to keep a romantic partner. You’re sick of going around in circles and are ready to be happy and really accepted for who you are!

It is time to prioritize YOU because you matter! I join you on the journey to becoming the YOU that you want to be. I help you learn how to show up in the world authentically and unapologetically, without the need to code switch around different people, including family. I help you clarify what is important to you, add people/things that support your values, and remove those that don't.

As a trauma expert, I help individuals and families recognize their traumatic experiences and learn how to build healthier relationships with themselves and the important people in their lives. I believe in taking a collaborative approach with you to reach your goals. You are not alone! You've taken the first step. Now, take the next step so we can get you the right tools and support to win within! Click the link to schedule your free consultation today!

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