Did you grow up with family members who were strung out on drugs, beat you, berated you, or even molested you as a child? Even though you may have survived those traumatic experiences, you may find yourself being triggered by certain thoughts or even actions that other people do that make you feel like you’re reliving your childhood. You’ve survived your past but still struggle to thrive in your present. You want to connect with your loved ones and experience unspeakable joy in all your relationships, but you find yourself constantly arguing with folks, saying yes to people when you really want to say no, and prioritizing others’ needs over your own. You might even find yourself in and out of romantic relationships with people who are not emotionally intelligent enough to meet your needs. You are not alone and I can help you!

I have over twelve years of experience working with individuals and families just like you who are recovering from adverse experiences. I help my clients understand how their brains and bodies respond to trauma, both initially as well as in the present when they get triggered by folks or things around them. Together, we develop tools that can be used any time to disarm the fear, panic, and shame that usually leads them to spaz out, disengage from the people they love the most, and work themselves into a frenzy trying to be perfect and please people to convince themselves and others that they are good enough.

Let's get to work so you can live authentically as the person you desire to be. Schedule your appointment today!

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