I became a therapist to help make a difference in the world. My experiences have shaped me to want to help others and provide an opportunity for them to see their full potential. Sometimes all someone really needs is one person to spark hope in their life and I aspire to light that flame for others who are trying to find the light when in the dark.

I care greatly about working with people of color because there aren’t many of us we can relate to when it comes to therapy and mental health. Understanding one’s point of view and providing a sense of familiarity with those who are hesitant in seeking help is why I seek to help others. I strive to build confidence and spark change for a better tomorrow.

I have experience working with teens and adults along with individuals with severe mental illness (SMI). My clinical approach is varied depending on the client. I have been trained and used cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, client-centered approach, and trauma-informed care. My clients experience me as caring and empathic. I am known to go above and beyond for my clients in order to help them to reach their goals in life. I’m straight forward and embrace conversations where it can be challenging yet rewarding in the end.

Practice Details