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Hi, I’m Natacha and I am the owner of Stable Kidz Counseling and Teen Transformation Center (SKCTTC). I’m a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, My education in regard to this discipline of work was acquired from Palm Beach Atlantic University where I received a Master’s Degree in Science with a focus on Mental Health . For the past 10 years I’ve worked in a variety of settings where I have been utilizing the clinical and practical skills acquired from my education and experience over the years. Some of this work includes kids and adolescents (Teens), Department of Children and Families (DCF), Community Based Agencies, and the school district of Palm Beach County.

I take great pride in my work with kids and teens as they navigate life’s challenges that are unavoidable, given the variety of presented developmental stages and phases during this time of their lives. My aim is to assist them along their journey of discovery as they embrace their sense of self, purpose, and position themselves to achieve their maximum potential.
I specialized in working with kids and teens along with their families and other systems to help decrease the presentation and in many cases, mitigate symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, social and self-awareness, a lack of assertiveness skills, healthy relationship building, academic/career goals, as well as the reduction of social and environmental stressors.

Clinical Specialty Areas

Foster Systems Work and Advocacy

Assistance with the trauma associated with a sense of loss,grief and the need for stability.
School System Advocacy and Support Services
Work Life Balance and Adjustment issues
Reactive Attachment Issues
Attachment Issues in General
Mood and Anxiety Issues
Familial Bonding and Existential Experience Cultivation

Adolescent (Teen Issues)

Communication Issues
Emotional Autonomy and Regulation Skills
Academic/Social Anxiety
SMART Goal Skills Building
Interpersonal Relationship Skills
Identity Crisis
Self harm
Suicidal Ideation/ Homicidal Ideation

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