At NEW, we have a passion for inspiring growth, nurturing healing and encouraging change that allows people to stand in their truth and be their best self. Ours is a mission of service. One in which we strive to live what we give. We take no path that we usher another onto lightly, knowing that we have or potentially will be walking on the same road at some point.

NEW aids in creating emotional safety, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude that strengthens well-being and helps to release hurt that might prevent healing. Our belief is that this that we do is beyond work...it is living and it is the intentional act of living that we do each time we sit with a client. It is through the vessels of knowledge, clinical wisdom and experience that we move. It is with the tools of love, compassion, reflection, authenticity and humility that we center our client care.

Our purpose at NEW is to provide every single client, couple, family and group with a welcoming, comfortable, safe and caring place to heal. Our motto at NEW is real people, helping real people with real problems. It is my aspiration and intention to embody this everyday of my life. It is with unbridled hope and deep gratitude that I welcome you here to the NEW family.

With high regard,
Jamila J Walker, LCSW
Owner and Clinical Practice Director

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    4205 Hillsboro Pike, Ste 314
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    Georgia, Tennessee
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    Online and In-Office
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Group Therapy Details

Please check out our website for a complete listing of current groups offered. www.newcounselingpllc.com.