You’ve been struggling with the important relationships in your life, and feeling as if everything is falling apart and getting to be too much. Maybe it’s your relationship with a parent or with a romantic partner. You are finding it hard to communicate with them. You may find yourself taking out your anger on them and behaving in ways that you don’t recognize. You may be trying not to be so hard on yourself because you know you have been through a lot. At the same time, you want to hold yourself accountable for your behavior and learn coping skills that are healthier. You may realize that the issue has nothing to do with your loved one and that there is something in your past causing you to lash out. You want to learn how to regulate your emotions so that they don’t get the better of you. If it’s all feeling really overwhelming right now, it could be because you have held it down for others for so long and are not even sure how to put your own needs first. Being a bicultural womxn of color in today’s society comes with a lot of pressure and expectations of being strong and working tirelessly for others.

I use a technique called Brainspotting to help womxn of color who are daughters of immigrants heal from trauma so that the depression and anxiety eases.

I help my patients learn coping strategies that will help them regulate their emotions.

I use an anti-racist and culturally-sensitive approach that helps my clients feel seen, heard, and validated.

My goal as a therapist is to help you feel empowered and to find your voice and roar! I want you to be able to set boundaries confidently and have your needs met in your relationships.

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