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Walking in this world as a woman of color isn't easy. Being a bicultural woman of color just seems to add to the chaos and confusion of life. You might be struggling with wanting to own your identity but not really even being sure who you are. That's okay. As daughters of immigrants, we may not have it all figured out yet. We may struggle with finding a sense of belonging when we grew up among two worlds. Once we start diving into our identities, we may realize that our childhoods were not as warm and fuzzy as we wanted them to be. We may start realizing that our parents may have made tremendous sacrifices we are forever going to be grateful for AND that they may have unknowingly caused us to experience trauma.

I am passionate about working with women of color who are daughters of immigrants to heal that trauma. The types of trauma I see most often in my clients includes generational, racial, spiritual, cultural, or childhood trauma. I strongly believe trauma is at the root cause of most problems and that it is stored in the body.

My job as a therapist and coach is to help you heal, find that inner voice, and roar loudly and proudly. I help women heal so they can show up confidently in the world. I use a technique called Brainspotting to help you locate where the trauma is stored so we can process on a deeper level. I use mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy as needed because I know that there is not a one size fits all approach to healing and I am always learning new ways to help my clients.

I am a lifelong advocate of social justice. I value equality and in my work I try to be as inclusive as I can and work using cultural humility. I work with clients of all different walks of life. I see clients in different countries from various cultural backgrounds. I am currently living in Australia because I am an avid traveler and digital nomad. I am constantly learning from different cultures in my travels and evolving with my clients, while also reminding myself that everyone's experience is different and I am to honor that.

If you are ready to take that first step toward finding your inner peace and being confident and happy, book a no obligation initial consultation call with me. In this call you can ask me any questions you have and we can get to know each other to make sure it'll be a right fit for both of us.

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