Together, we will build an authentic, trusting connection where it is safe to unmask the parts of ourselves we normally hide. I help clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, improve the quality of their intimate relationships, practice boundary setting, and become effective communicators. Through our therapeutic relationship, we will nurture the parts of ourselves that feel neglected.

I support people who are experiencing relationship struggles, anxiety, loneliness, depression, major life transitions, and blockages accomplishing their goals. I believe the relationship we have with ourselves creates the foundation for every other aspect of our lives. Our work focuses on nurturing that relationship to live the life you truly desire. Collaboratively, we will explore who we are and decide who we want to be.

I am passionate about helping children, teens, and adults elevate through exploration. Together, we will explore behavioral, emotional, and relational patterns, and challenge our limiting beliefs. I help children build secure family relationships, learn how to regulate their emotions, and build self - esteem and confidence. I help teens tackle the challenges of adolescence, accomplish their academic goals, explore who they are, deepen their relationships, and learn to advocate for themselves. I help adults practice self - compassion, navigate life transitions, build confidence (personally and professionally), break generational patterns, uphold boundaries, advocate for themselves, create meaningful intimate relationships, and build a life of alignment.

When we start therapy, we need to feel seen, understood, and heard. I approach therapy with curiosity, humility, and appreciation. Our therapeutic relationship is bidirectional; we learn from each other and grow from our work together.

Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule a free 30 minute consultation! I look forward to connecting with you!

*I accept Loveland Vouchers!

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