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Everyone struggles in life at one point or another, but sometimes the struggle becomes too much to bear. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, overpowering and downright suffocating. That's when you realize you need a change.
Regardless of if it's depression, crippling anxiety, grief, trauma, troubling life transitions, family discord or marital strife, I can walk alongside you on your journey toward change. I believe in the resilience of the human spirit, the power of compassion, and the importance of shared cultural knowledge.
Starting therapy can be scary, but it helps to have someone you can relate to, someone you won't have to explain every little detail to, someone you won't have to code switch with. With me, you can come as you are, let your hair down... or keep it up if it's in a protective style. Either way, I got you.
I have 12 year of experience and have worked primarily with women and their children on issues such as childhood trauma, family separation, family conflict, general depression, postpartum depression, low self-worth, repairing destructive generational cycles, and much more. Let's connect and see how it feels.

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