The decision to seek help for a mental health issue does not always come naturally. Many people endure needless suffering for months or years even, rather than seek help. The reasons why vary. Some are skeptical about the effectiveness of mental health therapy or concerned about the need for medication. Whatever the reason for not seeking help, it is absolutely crucial that you give yourself a break. Remaining in denial, making excuses, or judging yourself harshly probably isn’t the way you would handle a physical health problem.

I am a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and care for young adults, adults and elders (65+). My goal is to establish a trusting and therapeutic relationship, in efforts to promote a positive and unique experience, but most importantly facilitate the best possible health outcomes. My professional and educational backgrounds have prepared me to provide evidenced based, culturally competent, high-quality care.

I have vast experience providing mental health care in inpatient, long-term care, and outpatient settings. I take a functional/integrative approach, believing that optimal mental wellness includes nutrition and physical activity along with allopathic interventions. Specialties include depression, anxiety, mood disorders and psychosis.

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