I'm here to guide you to transformation of your head and heart while giving you hope during the process. There'll be times it feels like counseling doesn't work...your change ain't comin' fast enough...and you don't wanna "stay woke" everyday. You'll get no judgment from me from whatever step you happen to be on or what you might step into while working together. Ish happens!

With my husband, I'm known internationally as "The Ossie and Ruby Dee of Counseling" for our couples and premarital counseling, individually, I'm a front row advocate for young ladies and women looking at their depression, anxiety, mother/daughter pains, issues with abandonment or belonging in the face daily, and wondering, "Why is this whole mood here and who invited it?"

Professional women concerned about your secret shame of not having it all together because of who you're known as publicly or where you work...no worries! With me, be your rawest self while creating your authenticity, session by session. Then, there's often the woman wanting to manage life while mentally driving, in the dark, over long unpaved and unplanned roads. I've got a safe counseling space for you to map it all out.
For persons with a spiritual connection, your faith expression, or the absence of one, can be included in your counseling process as well.

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