New York City, New York 10030, United States


*therapy seekers I’m ready for ya starting August 1, 2022*

I help stressed and burned out Queer/Trans people identify their story, care for their parts and build embodied wellness practices. I love working with CEOs/founders, high powered executives/professionals, creatives, healers and helpers more specifically.

full transparency: rates are $210 for weekly 50 minute sessions (includes the boundaried option to communicate with me in between sessions via text or email)

I believe all humans are created with the capacity to connect, grow, and change. Curiosity and compassion helps us get closer to understanding our parts, stories and desires.

In my work, I incorporate different modes of processing and healing based on your specific context and background. I am mindful that we are impacted by Anti-Blackness, Ableism, Gender Based Oppression, Capitalism, state sanctioned violence, and other forms of systemic injustice. To fully practice trauma-informed care, it’s important to understand the trauma of social injustice. For this reason, I approach therapy from an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens. I also draw from Black feminism and Black marxism.

Some identities + realities that inform my lived experience: Black, immigrant from Senegal, Queer, Muslim, in my late 20s, thin, neurodivergent, abolition influenced, gender bender, $150k in student loans and class clown of the NBHS class of 2013.

In the therapy space, I have interest in working with Queer/Trans Black + Brown people in their 20's/early 30's who're experiencing chronic stress, burnout, or triggers that impact their day to day. I also love working alongside folks looking to explore their neurodivergence, their relationship to play, African Indigenous spirituality/religious traditions, better boundaries at work, and the way their childhood trauma impacts the present day. I have specific expertise in supporting burned out, femme raised, first born immigrants/children of immigrants of the African Diaspora.

The folks that reach out and get the results they're looking for typically: do not expect me to do the work for them, have interest in or willingness to incorporate their body, see therapy as one (of many) tools in their toolbox, have desire to do "the work" in and outside of session, do not think of therapy as a quick fix, are committed to learning, and journal/keep track of what happens in session.

Here’s a glimpse into what happens/can happen in sessions: exploration of all the different parts of you, values exploration, identifying unmet needs/wants/desires, body-based (somatic) practice, identify and shift core beliefs, storytelling, dancing/movement, routine building, playing games together on a Nintendo Switch, role playing, singing, grief work, alter sitting and more!

The therapy seekers I co-create space with describe my style as playful, responsive, curious, laid-back, and direct. They appreciate the stories and laughs that I share and appreciate my efforts at being transparent and consent-centered. They would probably also describe me as a "question asking ass therapist" (word2drnick) who reacts, emotes and shares. This combined with my unconventional way of showing up as a therapist are a combo for success.

Ultimately, I hope to share space with people who have often been marginalized and historically excluded from therapeutic spaces and do so with vibes that decenter whiteness and centers lived experiences.

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