I am Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed. and where I am in my healing which began 18 years is a long way from where I started. That beginning also marks the beginning of my healing practice as both a practitioner and facilitator of healing. In my professional life, I am a private practice clinical somatic sexologist, cannabis & plant medicine advocate, and transformational life & erotic coach.

In my personal life, I am Black tender queer, gender fluid, polyamorous, kinky, hippie, sexual-spiritual, spiritual-sexual, and erotic human being.

My queerness & my Blackness inform all of who I am.

My healing approach is informed by both ancestral wisdom and contemporary sexuality research. This makes my approach both intersectional and healing-centered. My approach is sexuality, gender and body-affirming and, additionally, honors the complex relationship between pleasure, power, & pain. I believe we all experience our own unique set of events, both joyful and traumatic, that impact our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being- our WHOLE-Self.

There are few existing spaces that center and affirm the sexual healing of Black folk. My practices help you unpack and unlearn self-limiting beliefs you learned about yourself by creating spaces that challenges misinformation, shame, guilt, and the impact of trauma or disempowerment that is too often part of the experience of Black women, femmes, & folx of desirability, pleasure, and fulfillment.

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