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All children, teenagers, and young adults can face problems from time to time-related to learning differences, social relationships, making difficult decisions, transitioning to adulthood, and/or managing emotions. My counseling services are designed to help my clientele improve overall mental health and well-being through learning coping skills, decision making/problem-solving strategies & developing self-awareness and confidence. I use a combination of solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you along your journey. This includes helping students (ages 10+) adjust to virtual learning and social/emotional difficulties related to the national pandemic COVID-19.

As an Educational Psychologist, I offer counseling, assessments, & parent consulting services that truly connect the dots between mental health and achievement whether that is in school, work or personal life. I understand and support the diverse needs of my clients & parents.

In addition to providing counseling, I specialize in identifying learning differences (including ADHD & Autism), IEP/504 plans, parent advocacy, and psycho-educational assessments (IEE's, gifted) for schools and families. My adult testing services for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism help many high school & college students identify needs and provide accommodations and recommendations for personal and school use, including ACT/SAT accommodation.

I want you to walk away from services feeling empowered to navigate the world, whether that is through 1 on 1 mental health counseling, parent advocacy & education, or the result of a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation.

Services are all telehealth at this time.

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