“New beginnings start with knowing how we create the trap that we are caught in, how we have deprived ourselves of the love we need. Strong bonds grow from resolving to halt the cycles of disconnection, the dances of distress”.
Dr. Sue Johnson

Hello! Welcome to your journey to happiness by COCOA (Create Open-hearted Connections with One Another) CUP Therapy Inc.

I am a proud Oakland, Californian native, Fitness-loving, Meditation-enthusiast, and Coffee, Cocoa, and Tea obsessed Licensed Psychotherapist based in Southern California. I obtained my Master of Social Work degree in 2005 from California State University, East Bay. My personal and professional journey continued to Southern California in 2006. I earned my licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Work in 2013. I am now living and practicing as a Psychotherapist in San Diego, California, and licensed to practice in the State of Arizona. I am continuing my academic journey at Loma Linda University, Doctor of Social Work program to advance my career in the areas of Clinical Leadership and Practice Innovation.

COCOA CUP Therapy Inc. was formed to help create a culturally sensitive therapeutic holding space for BIPOC communities, particularly African Americans in seeking couples, individual, and family therapy. My practice nurtures a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere rooted in safety, mutual trust, respect, and honesty. My jam is helping others understand love, unlock triggers, understand emotions and needs, untangle the disharmony, overcome relational disconnection by creating positive connections and strengthening attachment & relationship bonds. My therapeutic style is integrative, with elements of mindful, open, explicit conversations coupled with evidence-based research of Emotional Focused Family Therapy, Emotional Focused Individual Therapy, and Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples. 

Life can throw us lemons and a tether totter of emotions. I am honored that you chose this healing journey.  I look forward to collaborating with you as you mend your heart(s), increase secure attachment bonds, deepen your emotions, and Create🤎Open-hearted💙Connections💕w/ One 🤍Another & self. 

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Hugging Self Tight workshops for individuals brewing!