Have you experienced a moment in a meeting when your boss undermined you in front of your coworkers?  Have you experienced trauma at work as a woman? As a black woman? As a woman of color?  Have you felt exhausted, spread thin “overworked and underpaid and/or undervalued?” 

Do you feel targeted, stuck, frustrated about not getting that promotion? 
Do you feel alone at work? Do you experience stress at work and feel misunderstood?

Unique workplace dynamics can cause trauma, triggers, stress, depression, unhappiness, abuse, anxiety and more.

I help women become emotionally strong again by taking them through my 3 phase method that’s been proven to help women like you unlock your dream life. 

My process was created based on my years of experience of helping women just like you understand, move through, and grow through trauma and anxiety caused by unique workplace dynamics.

Are you ready to authentically navigate, approach, and take action in situations that are not aligned with you?

Work through your trauma, triggers and learn how to manage symptoms?

Ignite your motivation and self-confidence that got you to where you are today
? Calm the chaos and stress that seem to be following you in all aspects of your life

Hi I'm Tamika i'm so glad you are here. Book a free consultation today to see if my process is right for you.

Take care and be well,
Tamika Morris.

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