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You had no examples of what it’s like to work in corporate America or have a healthy relationship. You are afraid that everyone around you will find out that you don’t deserve what you have or where you are. Your family definitely doesn’t understand your need to have someone else to talk to and you feel like you are destined to be more. You’ve got a lot of head noise and you are paralyzed by tasks and job duties at work, whether it’s leading a meeting or taking ownership of a project. You are afraid to give presentations because you fear you don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

You know you want to show up more in your work but something is holding you back. What most women don’t realize is that we often don’t take action even when we want to because we are too busy worrying about how it might inconvenience someone else or that the stars don’t align perfectly. This is where the transformational work happens. I help black women and women of color dismantle the limiting beliefs that prevent them from fully showing up and claiming their expertise in their professional role.

I know your experience as the first in your generation to work in Corporate America or have a healthy relationship is very unique. As a Licensed Psychotherapist and Evolving Mindset Coach, I provide women with a safe space and work with them to feel confident in their role in the world. Some of my most dedicated clients come from Therapy for Black Girls. Click the website link above to visit my website and book a virtual appointment online.

I own Myers-Galloway Counseling, a group psychotherapy practice dedicated to helping women manage work, family, & relationships. I also own Invested Insights, an education firm dedicated to making it common for Black women and women of color to invest in themselves through coaching and online personal development. We provide 1:1 coaching for high achieving women who are the first in their generation to work in corporate America. Visit our website at www.investedinsights.com or email us at info@investedinsights.com to find out more.

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