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Are emotional roadblocks hindering you from being your authentic self? Are you overwhelmed by past traumatic experiences? Have you always taken care of everyone but yourself? My ideal client is ready to release that mental/emotional pause button (sadness, anger, regret etc.) and engage with life. This includes individuals, couples, family units, or a parent who notices the emotional challenges/struggles of their child and they are seeking help for them. I understand that ones quality of life starts with being emotionally and mentally sound. My practice has extensive experience working with mood, anxiety, adjustment, somatoform, psychotic and impulse control disorders.
My approach is direct but gentle, encouraging but not pressuring, proactive, and solution focused. I specialize in getting you to a place where traumatic experiences no longer have emotional holds on your present life. My goal is to help you connect with your authentic self and release that which hinders you.
License and State: LCS 29611 California

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