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Buka is the Taino word meaning 'You Are'. At Buka Joy Counseling, we believe that YOU ARE JOY. The power to be resilient and heal after trauma is already within you. We use culturally relevant ideas of healing to aid peaceful regulation of your body and mind.
It is hard for most people to identify trauma when they push down their pain ... day after day. Behind the guise of being "strong", there can be a lot of unresolved thoughts and feelings about our life's experiences. Ignoring trauma can lead to long term physical and mental health problems. Problems that weaken our immune system and make human relationships strenuous and hard.

At Buka Joy Counseling, we help uncover that cycle.
Through a lens of social justice, equity, and the dignity of every individual, we look to identify barriers to resiliency and help to find productive and positive ways to heal.

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