Fort Worth, Texas 76107, United States


In this life, we face so many unprecedented events that can make us feel like we cannot catch a breath. No matter how young or old one may be, it can be quite challenging to build resiliency and sustain hope as you persevere through your life's journey. My goal is to help shift your perspective through genuine connection, so you can overcome whatever battle you are facing. I whole-heartedly believe there is no depression, anxiety, trauma, life-change, or addiction that cannot be controlled and re-directed. We all have a purpose that is much greater than our pain, and we all have the power to shift the trajectory in our lives.
During the sessions, I will partner with you as we work through your healing journey. Through a Solution Focused approach, I help you anchor on the solution rather than the problem as we identify and utilize your strengths for the better. I have an eclectic mindset, so I am able to partner with and propel you towards your purpose no matter what it takes.
I understand it is scary to take a step towards your healing journey. I get it. It is a risk you are taking, but it will be the best risk you will ever take because your future depends on it. Let’s take that risk together; we have heart work to do!

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