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Are you looking for a therapist who will involve your entire being: Mind, Body and Soul, in your healing journey?

Have you been feeling ungrounded, unsettled or unsafe in your own body?

Are you looking for a place to explore and work through impacts of depression, anxiety or trauma?

Maybe you have engaged in energy healing, alternative medicines or have had a therapeutic session where you are able to make sense of a few things, feel good and then find that things change a bit, but you are not gaining the momentum you are looking for?

You are in the right place.

I am a holistic psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher; meaning I integrate you "whole" being in the therapy sessions. I specialize in working with millennial black women and women of color - whom I identify with and deeply care about. I address physical/mental health and wellness. There is a powerful connection between the body and the brain, and both the body and the brain rely on that connection to heal.

My practice offers talk therapy, yoga+therapy (yoga merged with talk therapy), private/group yoga classes and trauma-informed yoga groups.

There is a powerful connection between the body and the brain, and both the body and the brain rely on that connection to heal!

I truly believe therapy is collaborative and I would be grateful to walk through this journey with you to create your peace and harmony to balance your mind, body and soul!

Please visit my website www.mindbodysoulcounseling.com to start your journey and schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation call. I can't wait to work with you!

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Group Therapy Details

Trauma-informed yoga groups

Classes are comprised of a 5-week series -or- 8-week series, which focuses on intentional themes, encompasses various chakras and restorative postures, and most importantly facilitates healing off of the yoga mat. Classes are also coupled with guided activities including debriefing exercises and journaling.

A few possible outcomes from the group:

● Find peace and healing through yoga practice
● Exercise the choices to move body in ways that feel comfortable
● Learn to establish connection to self, trust others, and strengthen relationships
● Establish safety and stability in the body
● Build skills and positive coping strategies for managing painful experiences
● Build a strong and supportive community of peers
● Regain power and control through mindful movements and reconnection to the body