Life, in general, can be challenging. With the world constantly changing around us, we can begin to feel off-balance and overwhelmed. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to help clients reach their goals. I empower clients to own that they are the experts in their own lives, and when working together, we can blend our areas of expertise to help the client achieve their desired goals. My approach also involves nurturing a sense of safety through empathy and humor, which allows clients to feel seen and safe. My goal is to help clients get back to creating a life they enjoy through CBT, DBT, MI, and SFBT. While it is not always easy to discuss complex topics with your family or friends, I am here to listen to you. My clients have described me as "Easy To Talk To."

Additionally, I am passionate about helping clients define and live safe and healthy life on their own terms. I have worked with various clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, stress responses, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and behavioral/drug/alcohol addiction. I am incredibly passionate about supporting people in issues that impact marginalized communities, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ persons.

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