My ideal clients are children, teens, and young adults. I enjoy helping those who may be struggling with the ups and downs of adolescence, difficulties in social settings with peers, battling overwhelming feelings of depression and/or anxiety, and family changes at home such as divorce or parents who suffer with substance abuse. Additionally, I enjoy working with young adults as they navigate peer relationships, life transitions, and adulthood.

My experience includes working with children and teens living with feelings of extreme lowness, lack of motivation, intrusive thoughts and worries, and difficulties managing their emotions. I have also worked with adult clients and families who have experienced trauma and addiction within their family unit.

I believe in adapting the counseling session to each client's personal needs. I strive to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for my clients where they are able to be their authentic self. I am passionate about the progress and journey of my clients and am knowingly there every step of the way!

At this time, my office does not accept insurance.

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