Hi there, I'm Michelle,

Do you find yourself wanting more out of life? Better relationships and a deeper connection with friends, family and significant others. Are you having trouble meeting expectations? Or saying “No" then resenting saying yes? Do you have issues with setting boundaries? More often than we realize, we tend to lose ourselves giving what we don’t have while trying to manage it all; parenthood, relationships, careers, and life situations. We then become overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or stuck.

Childhood experiences have a stronger impact on how we live our life today than you might realize. Let’s work together to discover how what you learned about relating to others in your formative years plays out in your present and if those ways of being are still serving you and helping you be the best version of yourself that you can be.

I am an empathetic listener and a creative person who enjoys helping others unlock their potential in all areas of life. We will uncover your strengths together.

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