After many years of working in the child welfare field as a caseworker and a supervisor, I decided to start a career as therapist. It was more important to me to find out what is occurring in people’s lives and how it is impacting them from moving forward. I currently hold a MA in Counseling Psychology and I’m working towards my Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

My therapeutic work is with those who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety and substance abuse issues. The individuals that I provide counseling services for are currently experiencing homelessness, job loss, death or illness of a love one, domestic violence, mid life crisis, parent child conflict, relationship issues, grief, and mental health issues.

I strongly believe in the person-centered approach because I believe that you should be able to make their own choices within your life without judgement from others. I believe that people learn best if they give themselves permission to make mistakes and learn from their own misconceptions in their own time. The person-centered therapeutic approach goes hand and hand with my personality because I believe everyone has their own life to live and if someone is going to be a part of a person’s life, one should leave their bias and opinions out the door.

I want you to know that if you choose to do counseling with me, it is a safe place to be yourself and you can speak about whatever you need to talk about without fear of judged. I came into counseling knowing that everyone has a past and a story to tell, and everyone should be able to open up in their own time. Counseling means not only building a rapport, but forming a relationship with my client so that my client feels comfortable enough about going on the journey of addressing their life issues with me being their counselor. Lastly my primary goal is to help others work towards self-growth and find their way in life and me showing unconditional positive regard for the person that I’m serving. Remember everyone is the author of their own life!

I am supervised by Ceta Mercadal, LPC.0015109

You can book online directly through my website, no need to call or email first!

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