Hi! I'm Michelle. If you are tired of feeing anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, or even confused about what to do next… I am here to help. I provide short term therapy that is designed to “lift the weight off your shoulder” within the first session. Many people only choose therapy when they are in crisis and need immediate relief. Together we will identify the source of destress and ways to reduce or eliminate it. This can be done in many ways, but the purpose is to find that way that helps YOU! By using your strengths and resources we will develop an action plan to enable you to use effective coping skills to gain and maintain emotional and mental balance long after you complete treatment.
It’s important to know therapy isn’t just about helping you feel better, it’s about helping you Live Better. For the last twenty years, I have devoted myself to enhancing the well-being others. My flexibility has allowed me to engage in a range of positions, both volunteer and work related; thus, heightening my overall experience. I have been committed to empowering individuals with the tools to use their inner strength to overcome those stumbling blocks within.

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