Chicago, Illinois 60622, United States of America


Hello! I am a licensed therapist in Chicago. My work centers women and helping them process their lived experiences. I specialize in Maternal Mental Health (including perinatal and postpartum mood disorders), mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, navigating life transitions, and relationship issues. My lived experiences and strengthening my own self awareness are what brought me to this work. I firmly believe there is power and healing in being able to voice your experiences and how you have been impacted by them. Processing life out loud helps you to gain clarity and see how the events in life have shaped you but do not define you. Those I have work with experience me as confident, direct and compassionate in my approach to identifying their blind spots and areas of growth while having a warm presence during dark times. I mainly use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, while also incorporating mindfulness and holistic practices. I look forward to our work together!

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