If you're reading this you may be at a place in life where you are feeling disconnected from yourself and/or those around you. Maybe feeling lost or having a hard time prioritizing your needs? Allow me to invite you to journey back home to yourself. My name is Michelle Brown and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose core value is mental and emotional wellness through holistic, intentional living. The work I've done over the last 10 years, inside and outside the therapy space, is rooted in personal and intergenerational healing.
Using somatic and holistic practices, I help clients navigate grief and making life changes; improving relationships with self and others; healing from trauma by releasing stored emotions and understanding how it impacts your current functioning to improve quality of life. In sessions I combine conversation with grounding practices for mind-body connection.
If you are ready to start living in alignment with your values and become aware of how emotions, thoughts, and relational patterns impact your quality of life reach out to schedule a consultation. When a person has language and understanding of their experiences they regain agency of their lives . Are you ready to begin your Journey Home?

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