Since I can remember, I’ve had an interest in the lives of others. I loved supporting people working towards living intentional,

purposeful lives and exploring solutions to matters that come up in life. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I earned a Master of Social Work degree, and I am licensed as a clinical social worker in California. My background is rooted in community mental health and personal development. I have served people working within several government, healthcare, and non-profit agencies providing social services, psychotherapy and mental health support to people of diverse backgrounds. Growing up, I observed the significant of interpersonal relationship and the positive impact taking interest in another person’s life can have. I was privileged to receive support from several educator, social and mental health professionals throughout the years. The support I received helped guide me on the path of learning about myself and how to access the internal healer and superpower within. The positive impact of the support I received, solidified my desire and dedication to supporting people in their journey of life. What I know to be true is despite our differences related to things like gender, ethnicity, experiences, sexuality and

socioeconomic status, we all have the same desires to live an authentic, peaceful and purposeful life.

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