You've always been the strong one; but, right now you don’t feel so strong. You’d like to let your guard down for a second and catch your breath. But you don’t think you can. It would be better to just keep going, pushing, harder, longer. Right?

I specialize in working with people who naturally find ways to take care of themselves, and shy away from seeing a therapist. Typically they are Military Veterans and others who have the heart of a Warrior.

Sometimes that independence and self-reliance that helps you succeed in most areas of life also keeps you from asking for assistance. Serving and supporting others is also the drive that keeps you from even noticing what's going on with you. Let's take a moment to focus on you, so you can continue to have the strength to focus on those you care about.

Have you had poor sleep, nightmares, or wanted to isolate yourself more than usual since "that thing" happened? That's common after experiencing a significant event that shifts the way we view ourselves, others, and even life itself. Who do you share that with? Who understands besides the ones who experienced it with you?

Want to know what would happen if you paused for a minute to take care of yourself? You’d notice you’re not alone in this. You wouldn’t be so tired. The nights would go by a lot faster. Memories and images would come up less frequently and bother you less when they do present. That shift in your world after that significant event would lead to a new chapter.

Let’s pick up the pen and decide what’s next.

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