I'm passionate about supporting individuals and families to resolve complex traumas, codependency, anxiety and depression. I specialize in working with multicultural individuals, and other marginalized individuals to deal with life challenges associated with acculturation, life transitions, and trauma. I have extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and their families who have been going through life transitions and stresses together.

I received her graduate degree with an emphasis in migration studies from Loyola University and her Bachelors Degree in Psychology & Criminal Justice from UMass Lowell. Most of my professional training from several community-based programs in Chicago, Lake County and Northern Illinois to provide behavioral, social, and mental health services. I've worked with adults, teens, and children struggling with a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, OCD, psychotic disorders, and substance abuse issues in in-patient & outpatient care. These experiences afforded her the opportunity to serve widely ranging socio-economic populations. Her therapeutic experience further includes: counseling for children, adolescents of the incarcerated; life crisis and transitions counseling; trauma and perinatal mental health supports; and therapy centered around addressing identity-based wounds of oppressed racial and ethnic groups.

My interest in counseling grew out of an intense desire to help others, focus on my own personal development, and understand as much as I could about life. As an immigrant & former refugee, my life experiences have further taught me to navigate through the events of migration, and violence, and the traumas of displacement, and loss. Some of these personal experiences have sharpened my capacity to delicately highlight the consequences of trauma, and grief on the clients she has worked with. My experience is a merge of educational & professional training, as well as lived experiences. Some of my other greatest teachings as a therapist have been from experiencing her own good (and less than desirable) therapy.

Psychoeducation is at the core of my practice. As a therapist, i've approaches clients from a mind-body perspective. The effects of trauma on the body are increasingly being studied, and one of my main goals is to help you access and rewrite your own story by raising your internal awareness. I utilize multiple therapeutic techniques in order to assist you in comprehending and redefining your story. My goal is to give you a secure, respectful space where we can jointly design an approach that best suits where you are. I may treat clients from a cognitive and psychodynamic theoretical approach, but will facilitate sessions through an integrative approach; utilizing various treatment modalities such attachment-based theories/ methods, family systems theory (IFS) through a trauma-focused, anti-oppressive framework. Miah will usually combine somatic techniques, and other depth-oriented self-awareness, relaxation and mindfulness-based skills in combination with talk therapy to best support clients in processing difficult emotions.

Tools and methods are essential, but ultimately the therapeutic relationship is central to care. I have high regard and respect for clients & strive to connect in a genuine way. Therapy only works best when the relationship with your therapist is authentic. My goal will always be to provide a therapeutic space that is unbiased and free for individuals to feel heard, valued, and respected. My approach is warm and relational. I also provide a strength-based and “person-centered” approach to therapy through the use of motivational Interviewing & intuitive quality listening. I try not to take herself too seriously and will use humor in sessions. We also don’t dismiss culture here, and welcome all in a cultural limbo to bring their identities, cultures, and rituals into our work together. My approach is sensitive to issues of culture, gender, and sexuality. Though these identifying factors might not correlate to your presenting problem, please know that I will take them into account.

Even if I may not be a therapeutic match, I look forward to connecting you with the best resources, if possible. My role is to be an attentive guide and lead you to the best resources, even if it may not result in long-term care with me.

Specializes in:

- Complex Trauma/PTSD

- Attachment/Relationship Patterns

- Family of Origin Related Concerns

- Internal Displacement

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Isolation & loneliness

- Highly Sensitive People

- Life transitions

- Identity Development

- Self-Compassion & Shame

- Relationships & Connection

- Body Acceptance/ body positivity

I understand the hesitation in starting the therapy process; it can be intimidating. I admire the bravery that you possess by embarking on this journey.

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