"Ramir's Counseling Center of Hope was created by a Licensed Professional Counselor who had a vision to encourage, motivate and provide access to tools needed to overcome current circumstances. Ramir stands for Rising Above My Inner Rival. Ramir is confirmation that we can accomplish anything regardless of the opposition we face. On March 7, 2018 the Ramir's Counseling Center of Hope, PLLC was established and confirmation was received that the storm was not meant to last always. As a child, mental health was present in my family and thus prepared me for the dynamics of not only the diagnosis but more importantly the person and those that surround them. Growing up, I played a part and everyone was treated the same regardless of their mental status, pill count, change in mood, IQ, anxiety level or temporary isolation that would occur. We, as a family, understood what it would take to maintain our family.

My goal as a Licensed Professional Counselor is to provide an environment that reciprocates what my family and community offered. There is no special formula that can erase your situation but there is a way to get through it. The Inner Rival is the battle we have within, which is usually hidden from the world. Although at times, what we are facing is situational, it has an effect on us internally. The purpose of Ramir's Counseling Center of Hope, PLLC, is to work with each client to expose, address and conquer whatever that may be. So, I ask, are you ready?

Below you will find my educational background. I am currently licensed to practice in the state of Texas.


University of North Texas

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Minor in Social Science

Certificate in Substance Abuse Studies

Amberton University

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling"

Practice Details