Life is a wonderful gift filled with an array of experiences. Apart of the reality of being human is that we cycle through various seasons and emotional states throughout our lives. Feeling sadness is just as natural as feeling happiness, feeling excited is just as relevant as feeling afraid. Feeling our feelings is what we’re meant to do. Have you been feeling stuck from a life event, feeling overwhelmed with your everyday life and responsibilities, or feeling like you need to do some internal work and address somethings that you’ve been avoiding?
Mental Essentials is here to help! I specialize in working with women to address common but “taboo” issues such as menopause and (in)fertility. I have a great deal of experience and training working with people who have ADHD both children and adults.

I am also seasoned and equipped to work with adolescents and teens that are navigating this especially critical season of life. My passion is to serve people through mental health counseling and my mission is to bring awareness to mental health as a priority because I believe that your mental health is your greatest asset. Mental wellness is wealth!

*Mental Essentials LLC does not accept insurance.*

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